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Gianmarco Salzano
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2836 Barlow Crescent
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Product: The CloserGP

Industries: All/Horizontal, Finance

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The Closer for Microsoft Dynamics GP® is the only tool that automates the process of reconciling the Sub-Ledgers to the General Ledger.

Pricing/Buying Information

Pricing by Module or by Bundled Modules. Please contact CAL for Pricing Information.

The Closer not only identifies your transactions that are out of balance – it explains their root cause. Whether it’s General Ledger distributions posted to the wrong period or Journal Entries to your Control Accounts – with the push of a button The Closer will identify all of the errors.

Remove the tedious and time consuming process of ticking and tying your ledgers in Dynamics GP. Completely balance your General Ledger with your Inventory, Sales Order, Accrued Purchases, AR, AR, COGS and Cash Sub-Ledgers. Fully reconciled and balanced subledgers and transaction details enables you to have the ultimate base for reporting and making informed decisions.

Benefits of The Closer:

  • Eliminates manual ticking and tying
  • Reduces month end closing time
  • Eliminates write-offs
  • Ensures financial reports and operational reports agree
  • Reduces audit and compliance risks
  • Identifies problem transactions
  • Explains the cause of the problem
  • Suggests corrective actions
  • Ensures GL and Sub-Ledgers tie to the penny
  • Builds trust with Microsoft Dynamics GP information

More Information Coming Soon

"I have done what they can do, but done it manually and it literally cost our customer more than it would have cost them to just buy the product. No matter how many customers I've had that tell me that they can do their GL correctly and they post everything correctly, the minute they get a problem we find out that they might have been doing some wacky things to make things go through. This tool checks for common mistakes like changing the GL posting date after the GL transaction was created, deleting a batch of GL that originated from a subledger, overriding the default account, doing a journal entry to a control account. It finds all of these things, puts it in a super easy to report and it takes a lot, lot less time than running the GL. So if you know anybody that their GL doesn't match their subledger, then this product is a no brainer. It's easy to implement and they are very, very helpful. They'll connect with the customer and include that as part of the sale price. So the customer doesn't have to budget for additional implementation time. That's included in the price for typical things. The reports are easy to use, they're easy to run." Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions

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