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Amber’s Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Dynamics GP Tip: Setting Up Partial Payments and Deferred Payments

Learn how to set up partial payments and deferred payments in Dynamics GP.

Why Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2015?

Dynamics GP 2015 has been out for nearly 6 months now so it is time to scheduling your upgrade. Don’t wait until the rush of year end. Find out George’s Four Favorite Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics GP 2015 and Amber’s Five Favorite New Features in Dynamics GP 2015. Then get 6 Tips to Lower the Cost of a Dynamics GP Upgrade.

Contact to get a Dynamics GP upgrade quote.

CAL Connect2016: CAL Dynamics GP User Event

Many of our clients have been asking when our next Dynamics GP User Event will be. With the event being every two years, we are skipping this year and the next CAL Connect event is scheduled for May 19th, 2016 in Bristol, CT.

We know this is a year away, but consider this an early Save the Date!
Highlights of CAL Connect2014

What are Dynamics GP Limited and Self-Serve Users?

If you need to extend Dynamics GP functionality to more people on your team – consider your license options. Limited users ($600) have read only access to GP info. Self-Serve users ($60) can view/edit their employee data, time and requisitions. Find out what is included with each role and the costs plus a special promo for existing GP customers:

What are Microsoft Dynamics GP Limited Users? Costs, Roles & Tasks
What are Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-Serve Users? Costs, Roles & Tasks
Claim Your Free Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-Serve Users – Cost and Promotions

10 Ordinary Beliefs That Inspire Extraordinarily Successful People

At first glance, highly successful people may seem like they only succeed because of their talent or connections. However, most manage to excel in their careers because of their beliefs. Check out 10 beliefs that inspire successful people

Partner Webinars

SalesPad Training Events & Webinars by SalesPad Various listings View Calendar  

Integrated eCommerce for Dynamics GP by k-ecommerce 5/19/15 2:00pm EST

Secure Credit Card Processing in Dynamics GP by k-ecommerce 5/21/15 2:00pm EST  

Advantages of Online Bill Pay for Dynamics GP by k-ecommerce 5/21/15 3:00pm EST 

BI360 Suite- Web & Excel-based Business Intelligence Solution by Solver 5/21/15 11:00am EST

eStore Solution Stack – Integrated ecommerce by Nodus Technologies 5/19/15 2:00pm EST  

ePay Advantage – Integrated Online Bill Pay by Nodus Technologies 5/26/15 2:00pm EST 

Credit Card Advantage – Electronic Payment Acceptance Solution for GP by Nodus Technologies 5/28/15  2:00pm EST

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