Dynamics GP Self-Serve User Types

Dynamics GP Self-Serve User licenses provides access to users that only need to view and modify their own employment data and make purchase requests for their own supplies.

Is your accounting department wasting time answering employee questions?

What if each employee asks you, “How much vacation time do I have?” or “Can you resend a pay stub.” If you have a few employees this is an inconvenience, if you have hundreds of employees this can be a full time job, for someone who already has a full time job.
For example, Dynamics GP Self-Serve users can view/edit/enter:

  • Address
  • Dependents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Title/Position history
  • W-4/Direct Deposit account changes
  • View benefits and employee contributions
  • Distribution changes
  • Skills/Training/Certification history
  • View/Print Pay stubs
  • Enter time

Workflows and security rules can be set up for changes that require manager approval.

Are employee requests for purchasing supplies still entered manually?

Dynamics GP Self-Serve users can submit purchase requests for their own supplies.

Dynamics GP Self-Serve User Requisitions List

Here is a detailed review of the Microsoft Dynamics GP security roles and tasks for Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-Serve users:

  1. Employee Self Service Employee: This role allows employees to view and update their personal information, including time & attendance, skills & training, direct deposit information, paystubs, and W-4 details.

Role Name: Employee Self Service Employee (ESS Employee)

Tasks: Update direct deposit information, View employee paystubs, Update employee profile, Update employee skills and training, Enter payroll time and view reports, Update W4 information, Employee timecard entry, Employee timecard history.

  1. Employee Self Service Manager: This role provides access to manage employee profiles and approve the updates made by the Employee Self-Service Employee.

Role Name: Employee Self Service Manager

Tasks: Approve Employee profile, Approve Employee skills and training, Approve timecards

  1. Employee Benefits Self Service Employee: This role allows employees to view their existing benefits and make benefit selections during open enrollment periods.

Role Name: Employee Benefits Self Service Employee

Tasks: Employee Benefits Enrollment

  1. Project Time & Expense Employee: This role provides employee access to enter project-related time & expense.

Role Name: Project Time and Expense Self Service Employee (ESS PTE Employee)

Tasks: Self-Service employee project expense entry, Self-Service employee project time entry.

  1. Employee Self Service Purchase Requester: This role grants the user access to enter or view purchase requisition transactions, including requisition history.

Role Name: ESS Purchase Requester

Tasks: Purchase requisition tables, View purchase requisition transactions, Enter purchase requisition transactions, view requisition history.

How much do Dynamics GP Licenses Cost?

The Dynamics GP system list price for each license type is:

    • Each Additional Full User: $3,000 (concurrent)
    • Limited Users: $600 (concurrent)
  • Self Service Users: $60 (named)

Be sure to check for current Dynamics GP promotions available from Microsoft and review the Dynamics GP Module List & Licensing Guide.

Important notes for Dynamics GP Self-Serve licenses:

  • Unlike full and limited users, which are concurrent, self-serve CALs are licensed per individual and are not concurrent. So each named user would need a separate license, no sharing.
  • The Self-Serve user is only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP using the Perpetual Licensing model.
  • Self-Serve Users are included on the Dynamics GP 2015 price list, but customers will have downgrade rights to Self-Serve User that they can use with Self Service functionality with GP
  • 2013 R2 such as Project Timesheet Entry.
  • Business Portal has been discontinued in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and the majority of the functionality has been rolled into the core Dynamics GP system and can be accessed with these Self-Serve users. If you own Business Portal licenses check with your partner regarding license transition policies/discounts.

Does every Dynamics GP Self-Serve license need a SQL CAL?

The official license guidelines say: “Each user accessing GP directly or indirectly via our GP client or via Business Portal or via Management Reporter or via any other mode must be licensed with a SQL CAL.” Since Business Portal has been discontinued and basically replaced by Self-Serve users, the answer is YES. This is a cost that should be factored into the total per-user price.

Are you concerned that self-service employees will see sensitive financial data in Dynamics GP?

Self-Serve users in Microsoft Dynamics GP do NOT have access to anything within the Dynamics GP system except their own employee information. Even this can be limited within the security settings. If you want users to be able to view financial data in Dynamics GP they would need a Full or Limited User License.

What is a Dynamics GP Limited user?

Next steps?

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