Did you know that Dynamics GP users on Perpetual Licensing can get FREE Self-Serve Users until June 27, 2015? Dynamics GP Self-Serve User licenses provides access to users that only need to view and modify their own employment data and make purchase requests for their own supplies.

With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, Microsoft has changed the user access types to now include a Self-Serve user. Some companies may save money by re-evaluating and changing the license types for some users.

What are Dynamics GP Self-Serve User Licenses?

What are Dynamics GP Limited User Licenses?

List Price for Microsoft Dynamics GP Licenses:

  • Starter Pack: $5,000 for THREE full user licenses (required)
  • Additional Full Users: $3,000 each (concurrent)
  • Limited Users: $600 each (concurrent)
  • Self-Serve Users: $60 each (named)

There are three license promotions available until June 27, 2015:

“FY15 Microsoft Dynamics GP Three Free Self-serve CALs”

Existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customers on the Perpetual Licensing model prior to 1 December 2014 may qualify to receive up to three Self-serve licenses per Full Concurrent user license.

  • This promotion only applies to customers that first licensed or upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 using the Perpetual Licensing model prior to December 1, 2014.
  • Your annual enhancement plan (% of Protected System List Price) will not increase.
  • The Starter Pack counts as three Full Concurrent CALs and provides up to nine Self-serve Users.
  • Offer only available once per customer.
  • Microsoft also says, “Existing customers needing more than three Self-Serve per Full User may be granted an exception secured by proof of purchase of SQL CALs.” So be sure to ask about that if more licenses are needed.
  • Promo code 1658

“FY15 Microsoft Dynamics GP Self-serve CALs for Half”

Microsoft Dynamics GP customers on the Perpetual Licensing model may be eligible to license Self-serve User CALs for 50% less than published list price. (Currently $60 per user)

  • Promotion only applies to existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customers on the Perpetual Licensing model.
  • Enhancement Plan fees will be calculated based on the full system list price before discounts.
  • Promo code 1657

“FY15 Microsoft Dynamics GP Limited to Self-serve CAL 1:10 Conversion”

Microsoft Dynamics GP customers on the Perpetual Licensing model may be eligible to exchange each Limited Concurrent CAL (Client Access License) for TEN Self-Serve User CALs at no additional license charge.

  • Promotion only applies to existing Microsoft Dynamics GP customers on the Perpetual Licensing model with Limited Concurrent CALs on their Voice account.
  • The Protected List Price will be transferred from the converted Limited Concurrent CALs to the Self-serve CALs received in exchange.
  • Promo code 1656

For ALL of the promotions above:

  • All promotions do not provide licensing rights to other required software such as SQL Server or Windows Server CALs which must be acquired separately.
  • Customers must be on an active enhancement plan in order to benefit from this promotion.
  • The order must be placed by your Dynamics partner of record via Order Central.

Do you qualify for the Self-Serve promotions?

Additional restrictions/exclusions apply, so work with your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to confirm that you can take advantage of these offers.

Does every Dynamics GP Self-Serve user need a SQL License?

The official license guidelines say: “Each user accessing GP directly or indirectly via GP client or via Business Portal or via Management Reporter or via any other mode must be licensed with a SQL CAL.” Since Self-Serve users replaced Business Portal, the answer is yes.

What about Self-Serve users for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?

It is also interesting to note that companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will have downgrade rights so they can use Self-Serve functionality such as Project Timesheet Entry. (Note: there is no functionally available to Self-Serve Users in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 so the R2 update would need to be applied.)

If you are a CAL Business Solutions client and you are interested in any of these promotions contact us at sales@calszone.com or 860-485-0910 x4 before June 27, 2015.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com