In the past several weeks we have posted blog articles highlighting a Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Feature of the Day. Here is a quick list of the 32 features so you can easily find the ones that matter most to you:

  1. Workflow –General Ledger Batch Approval
  2. Workflow –Payables Batch Approval
  3. Workflow –Receivables Batch Approval
  4. Workflow –Vendor Approval
  5. Invoicing in the Web Client
  6. Project Employee Expense Report Entry
  7. Organizational Account User Authentication
  8. Service Based Architecture
  9. Service Based Architecture Deployment
  10. Service Based Architecture .NET Interop
  11. Employee Benefits
  12. Employee Profile and Employee Skills and Training
  13. Team Manager – Employee Profile, Skills & Training
  14. HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List
  15. Employee W4 and Workflow
  16. Employee Direct Deposit and Workflow
  17. Employee Paystubs
  18. Canadian Payroll Web Client
  19. Fixed Assets Year End Report
  20. SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports
  21. Payment Terms – Transaction Calculation
  22. Payment Terms – Discount Date Calculation
  23. Copy Home Page & Area Page
  24. Management Reporter Integration
  25. Management Reporter Integration Setup
  26. Support for MR Content in Business Analyzer
  27. Business Analyzer Cross Platform
  28. Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry
  29. Void Intercompany Journal Entries
  30. Edit E-mail on Historical Transactions
  31. Management Reporter Data Integration
  32. Employee Self Service – Purchase Requisitions

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