Dynamics GP Limited Users Types

Are you looking for ways to lower the cost of a Microsoft Dynamics GP system? Consider Limited User licenses that are 80% less expensive than full Dynamics GP user Licenses.

The Limited User license in Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to give you a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP functionality to users who only need to perform limited tasks.

For example, a business analyst or plant manager who does not need to process transactions, update master files or modify the setup. But they can inquiry and report on any transaction and master file that they have been granted security to access.

First, let’s get an overview of all the Dynamics GP license types.

Dynamics GP License Overview

There are three types of user licenses available for Microsoft Dynamics GP under the Perpetual Licensing Model:

  • Full Users – Concurrent user licenses, users can have full read/write access to Dynamics GP.
  • Limited Users – Concurrent user license, users can see (read) all information in Dynamics GP but can only enter their own employee information.
  • Self-Serve Users – Named user licenses, users can see and enter their own employee information only.

Keep in mind, everything above can be restricted further using Dynamics GP security, right down to the individual screen level.

What can a Dynamics GP Limited user do?

Limited user roles can be set for Financial, Inventory, Purchasing, Payroll and Sales tasks. Limited users can run reports, including SmartList reports.

Here is a detailed list of the Limited User roles and tasks they can perform:

Limited Financial User Role

View GL account financial information, View account analysis, View account rollup, View GL journal entries, View General Ledger history, View Budget information, View GL account financial information, View Checkbook financial information, View transaction matching, View cash flow information, Financial statements, AFA reports, Management Reporter reports, General Ledger reports, Budget reports, Checkbook and Banking reports, Control Account Management reports.

Security Rule Setup Limited Financial User

Limited Inventory User Role

View items, View transactions affecting items, View inventory transactions, Find serial/lots, View serial/lots, View bill of materials information, View item resource planning, View item price list, Budget reports, Inventory posting journals, Inventory setup reports, Item pricing reports, Purchase order generation reports, Inventory resource planning reports.

Security Role Setup Limited Inventory User

Limited Payroll User Role

View payroll transaction history, View employee/payroll information, View pay code history, view company payroll summary, Employee list reports, Employee wage and hour reports with history, Reprint journals, Payroll setup reports, Period end payroll reports with posting, Quarter and payroll reports, Cross-company reports.

Security Roll Setup Limited Payroll User

Limited Purchasing User Role

View vendors, View payables management transactions, view vendor financial information, View purchase order transactions, View PO commitments, and approval information, All purchasing transactions list, Purchasing reports, Setup reports, Payables Management check information, Purchasing posting journals, Vendor letters, Control account management reports.

Security Role Setup Limited Purchasing User

Limited User Sales Role

View customers, View customer financial information, View receivables financial information, View receivables transactions, View SOP transactions, View Serial/Lots, View Process holds, View invoicing transactions, View national accounts, View lockbox information, View salespersons and commissions, All Sales transactions list, Sales reports, Commission reports, Sales setup reports, Posting journals, Customer letters, Collections letters.

Security Role Setup Limited User Sales

Dynamics GP License Pricing

The Dynamics GP system list price for each license type is:

  • Each Additional Full User: $3,000 (concurrent)
  • Limited Users: $600 (concurrent)
  • Self-Serve Users: $60 (named)

Be sure to check for current Dynamics GP promotions available from Microsoft and review the Dynamics GP Module List & Licensing Guide.

Does every Dynamics GP Limited User license need a SQL CAL?

The official license guidelines say: “Each user accessing GP directly or indirectly via GP client or via Management Reporter or via any other mode must be licensed with a SQL CAL.” This is a cost that should be factored into the total per-user price.

Can you use Microsoft Dynamics GP Limited Users?

If you are looking for ways to lower the total cost of your Microsoft Dynamics GP purchase, review your user roles and consider the less expensive Limited users as an option.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com