Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Price List

How much does Microsoft Dynamics GP cost? There are 4 costs to consider when planning for the price of a new accounting/ERP software purchase. Let’s look at Microsoft Dynamics GP Software Price List.

  1. Software licenses
  2. Maintenance fee
  3. Implementation services
  4. Hardware

To calculate the software license cost for a Microsoft Dynamics GP system you must first decide:

Step 1: How many concurrent users do you need?

In other words, how many people (or users) will need to be on the system at the same time? Of course, the fewer users you purchase access for, the lower the price. Decide if each user needs full access or read-only access.

Step 2: What functionality do you need in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

All Microsoft Dynamics GP users receive access to functionality in the Starter Pack. You can purchase additional functionality in the Extended Pack or Additional Packs for a one-time fee.

Step 3: Calculate software license cost

Calculate the cost of the Starter Pack, any additional packs, and the cost per user. Don’t forget to check for any available discounts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Software List Price:

Starter Pack: $5,000 for THREE concurrent users (required)
Additional Full Users: $3,000 each
Additional Limited Users: $600 each (read-only access)
Self Serve Users: $60 each

Optional (prices below are a one-time fee, covers all users):

Extended Pack: $10,000
Customization Pack: $6,000
Extended Human Resources & Payroll Pack: $7,000

Review Dynamics GP Module List for a list of all functionality included in each pack. Review each page for a full description of modules: Starter Pack., Extended Pack, Additional Packs.

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