Upgrade to GP 2015Dynamics GP 2015 has been out for almost 6 months now, and summer is a great time to plan your upgrade. Here are a few features that I am the most excited about in Dynamics GP 2015:


  1. Workflow for Approvals including General Ledger Batch Approval, Payable Batch Approval, Receivables Batch Approval, and Vendor Approval
    Workflow approvals allow organizations to streamline the way they work and to add other members of the team via those approval processes. While approval workflows actually came out in GP 2013 R2 it was limited to just purchasing. Now you can easily set up workflows that don’t require any outside components like SharePoint.
  2. Requisition Management
    Having the ability to use purchase order requisitions prior to actually creating the purchase order is huge for most organizations. Many companies have processes in place that are completely manual including paper trails, calls, emails.

    This functionality was available in the past with add on tools, but now is built right into GP. Almost every organization has purchase orders so why not build a requisition process in front of it to control whether or not we should go ahead with that purchase order or not.

    With the new Employee Self-Serve users in Dynamics GP 2015 ($60 each) you can allow more people to access to requisitions.

  3. Service-Based Architecture
    This is a technical feature but in layman’s terms it makes it easier to securely access your data from any device, including mobile devices, anytime. In the past we had Business Portal which was a Share Point web-based portal. But it was very limited and couldn’t be accessed as easily as you hoped. Now that Dynamics GP is moving to service-based architecture it means we can basically work with web plug-ins that can be deployed easily and provide tremendous flexibility and value.
  4. SmartList Designer-Refreshable Excel Reports
    You know have the ability to actually create new Smart Lists without purchasing an add-on product to do this. So if your needs are fairly simple, you need to take a look at the Smart List designer.

There are plenty more new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 that might interest you. Find out more:

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By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com