Every time a new version of Dynamics GP is released I am eager to learn about the new features and predict which ones will be the most exciting for our clients. Here are my favorites (so far) in Dynamics GP 2015:

  1. In Dynamics GP 2015 you have the option to run Management Reporter from inside of Dynamics GP via the Navigation List). It opens the report in a browser and bases the report on the current date. It is enabled in the same windows that you use to enable Live Excel and SSRS. Management Reporter Integration
  2. You can publish new live Excel reports from inside SmartList via SmartList Designer (the built in Tool). The security for publishing is based on the users rights to the destination folder, not based on SQL security. However, seeing data is still based on SQL security. SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports
  3. There are lots of cool changes with Intercompany. For example voids are a lot better. You can also drill into info for other companies from GL inquiry screens. Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry and Void Intercompany Journal Entries
  4. One of my favorite new features is AP transaction alerts. When you enter an AP transaction it alerts you if there are open PO transactions to help prevent people bypassing POP and ending up with lots of Received/Not Invoiced. It actually will delete what you entered if you ask to see the PO transactions and jumps to a Navigation List of the PO transactions.
  5. Last but not least…there are some cool changes with Payment Terms. You can calculate better terms and also you can preview how a term will work. There are also special terms like “Annual” or specific dates. Payment Terms – Transaction Calculation and Payment Terms – Discount Date Calculation

Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 new features with these links:

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By Amber Bell, CAL Business Solutions, www.calszone.com