How much does it cost? Approximately.

Before you consider a purchase, you need to have at least an idea of how much it will cost. To know if you are playing in the right ballpark.

Accounting/ERP software is a major purchase for a company. But it can be difficult to get an exact answer to the question, “how much does it cost?” It is not as simple as looking at a price tag on the bottom of a box.

The first step is to understand that you are not just looking for a software cost. You need to budget for the entire project cost. Software licenses are just one piece of that.

There are four main areas that you need to factor to determine the total cost of a Microsoft Dynamics GP software project. Watch this short video for an easy explanation:



#1 Software Licenses:

The cost for software is a one time fee based on the number of concurrent users you have. You can find the software list price for Microsoft Dynamics GP on our website at

#2 Annual Maintenance Plan:

For the first year Microsoft requires that every new customer enroll in the Business Ready Advantage Plan, which is 18% of the software list price before any discounts. Find out what is included in the annual plan at

#3 Implementation Services:

A Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, such as CAL Business Solutions, will provide services to get you up and running on the new system including installation, set up, data conversion, integration and training. These services are outlined at

Keep in mind that the first two costs will be the same no matter which Microsoft Dynamics GP partner you ask. But services costs can vary widely. You want to make sure that you do your homework and choose a partner that’s honest with a proven track record so you’ll get an honest quote.

At CAL Business Solutions we will give you a quote based on the number of hours of implementation services based on our experience doing hundreds of installations. Find out more about our company at

#4 Hardware:

Don’t forget to include the engine that makes the system run. You can find the most current hardware specs for Microsoft Dynamics GP on our website at

Or you can eliminate hardware costs all together and deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud at a secure data center. You pay a one-time set up fee and a monthly per user fee and access the software via the internet. Find out more about the pros/cons and costs of hosting (or subscribing to) Microsoft Dynamics GP at

Want to know more? Find out specific questions to ask and ways to avoid hidden costs in our white paper “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”. Download now at

You can also request a free automated Quick Quote on our website at With just a bit of information we can give you a personalized budgetary quote including software licenses, maintenance fees and estimated implementation services. This is our way of helping you know if we are both in the same ballpark.

When you are ready for a more complete quote, call CAL Business Solution and we’ll walk you through the process of getting the best price for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 860-485-0910 x4

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,