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6 More Reasons I Trust Acumatica As The Best Cloud ERP System

In my first post I talked about six reasons I trust Acumatica as a company. Now it’s time to talk about the actual system. What factors set Acumatica apart from other cloud-based ERP offerings? Modern Technology: Acumatica came onto the market in 2010. Many other cloud solutions came onto the market around 1999-2000 and, of course, […]

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How Cloud-Based Systems Deliver 2.1X the ROI of On-Premise Systems

Can moving to the cloud REALLY save money? A new Nucleus Research white paper helps answer that question. In fact, it shows that cloud-based systems deliver 2.1X the ROI of on-premise systems. According to the white paper, Cloud application projects deliver 2.1x times the relative return on investment (ROI) of on-premises ones – up 24% since […]

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Declare your independence from burdensome sales tax management

So it’s not without some irony that July 1 marks the date when many U.S. states put their newly increased sales tax rates into effect — the same month when both France and the U.S. celebrate their independence. While a few percentage points increase hardly merits waging an all-out war against sales tax, revolutionizing the way you manage tax compliance is a worthy cause.

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