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6 More Reasons I Trust Acumatica As The Best Cloud ERP System

In my first post I talked about six reasons I trust Acumatica as a company. Now it’s time to talk about the actual system. What factors set Acumatica apart from other cloud-based ERP offerings? Modern Technology: Acumatica came onto the market in 2010. Many other cloud solutions came onto the market around 1999-2000 and, of course, […]

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6 Reasons I Trust Acumatica ERP as a Company

ERP Software is a big investment. It is very important that you are able to trust not only the Partner who works with you, but also the software vendor itself. When we evaluated Acumatica, these are the 6 points that stood out to me and gave me confidence that they were the right company for us to work with and recommend to our clients.

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