In this demo, we review the Acumatica AP and AR dashboards to see how all the information comes together to give you the insights you need to run your business.

Watch the video: Video: Quick Look at Helpful Acumatica AP and AR Dashboards

Video Transcription:

“We are going to go and we’re going to navigate back over to dashboards to see how all this information comes together.

So we’re first going to look at the AR clerk, so there’s an out of the box dashboard here for the AR clerk, which identifies accounts that are overdue, invoices that are 30 days, if any customers are on credit hold to get invoices if it’s 60 days or 90 days. It tells you your top ten customers that have overdue balances. It gives you information on sales by your salespeople. Acumatica just came out with some dashboard widgets to give you average days to pay and also to tell you your ten slowest paying customers as well. So all that information that we’re feeding into the AR module, that’s all coming into this dashboard and putting together to tell a story about our customers and how that relates to AR here.

Same thing on the AP side of things. If we go over to the AP clerk dashboard, here’s where it’s going to tell us our vendors. If we have things that are overdue at the vendor level. Our bills that are overdue, and again, if I drill into any of these, it’s actually going to show me the details that make up that number or that dollar amount that’s being shown here in the widget. So just by drilling into it, that 30, here are all my bills now that are overdue.

So going back to the AP clerk, it’s telling me what are my cash needs in the next 7, 30, 60 days. All that is being based off the transactions that are in the system and the due dates assigned to those.

To the controller dashboard, we’ll quickly go over there. Controller dashboard has typical widgets that you would want to see information you want to see based on your business. Again, that’s crossing over from AR to AP to the banking module to give you kind of that full picture of where we’re at. What do we have for cash on hand? What are our cash requirements going to be? What’s my open AR? What am I expecting for cash in the next 30 days? Just to help give you an overall picture of your entire core financial position here within the system.”

This is a snippet from a detailed Acumatica overview. Watch the full video – Acumatica Lunch and Learn Part 2 – Acumatica Financials.

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