The Acumatica trial balance summary and trial balance detail reports are very clear and easy to use. The summary trial balance is a representation of your account balances with their net change for a set period, rolled up by the natural account number. Because of the way that Acumatica handles subaccounts, we feel the trial balance summary reports are easier to read than in other systems. The trial balance detail report shows a breakdown of the activity, not just account, but also by subaccounts. In this demo, you will see how that looks, including the drill back functionality available.

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Video Transcription:

“Now we’re going to go look at some reporting here in the finance module, and we’re going to start with our trial balance. Acumatica has a Trial Balance Summary and a Trial Balance Detail. The summary trial balance is a representation of your account balances with their net change for whatever period that you set and it’s rolling it up by the natural account number.

We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to run this report. What you’re seeing here is just the account. It is not breaking it out by subaccount here in this Summary View. Again, in other systems that I’ve seen has been very challenging because of the way systems use one field to concatenate your natural account with all your subaccounts. I’ve seen it very difficult to get that role up just of the account without it including that subaccount activity. That’s what the trial balance summary does for you. It rolls it up just by the natural account.

Now we’re going to drill into the credit card fees account, 61150. So right from this report here, it’s that drill-down functionality to the account details inquiry here in Acumatica. I thought we had $200 on there, but I may have picked the wrong account if we can go back to that account summary and where we see the $200. That brings us to the account details inquiries. I just wanted to point that out that you do have drill backs to the report here.

The other report I want to show you is the trial balance detail. The trial balance detail report, is going to show us a breakdown of the activity by not just account, but also subaccounts. We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to run this. Here you’re seeing in column two, the account number, and column four is the subaccount number. If you look at your 40,000 account, for example, based on the combination of that 40,000 account with the subaccounts, you’re seeing it repeat multiple times. That’s because activity prior to May 20th was tagged with a different subaccount combination. Again, we won’t go into it, but it does have drill back capability, as well. Anywhere you see that blue underline, that indicates that there is drill back functionality there.”

This is a snippet from a detailed Acumatica overview. Watch the full video – Acumatica Lunch and Learn Part 2 – Acumatica Financials.

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