One of the first questions we have when we are helping a prospect evaluate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is what license would be best for them, Essentials or Premium. The best way to determine that is to have them take a look at the modules/functionality included in each to see what they need and how they want to use the system. What is included in Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium?

Have you been wondering what the difference is between Essentials and Premium? Check out this blog post we did ‘What’s the Difference Between Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium vs. Essentials Licenses?’ 

We previously posted about the modules/functionality in the Essentials license, but in this article, we will be looking at the modules and functionality that are included in the Premium license.

The Business Central 365 Premium license includes all the Essentials license capabilities PLUS :

  • Service Order Management
  • Manufacturing

Take a look at the chart below that I found very helpful, that provides a full, detailed list of the functionality that you would receive with the Premium license:



Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Modules

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium Modules Part 2





The choice of license depends on your business needs and goals, the best question to answer is what are your core business functions and processes? If you only need to manage basic functions, such as accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales, and project management, then the Essentials license may be enough for you. If you also need to manage service or manufacturing operations, then you may need the Premium license.

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By Amy Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions Inc., Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP / 365 BC & Acumatica Partner,