Customers expect personalized, timely, and consistent service from the businesses they interact with.  According to a HubSpot article, 95% of people who have had bad customer experiences share those stories with others, and up to 90% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product or service if the customer experience is top notch. Customer experience is crucial for business success, because it affects customer loyalty, retention, and revenue.

To meet these expectations, businesses need to invest in a solution that can help them collect, organize, and analyze customer data, and use it to improve their customer service strategies. Acumatica ERP is that solution that can enhance customer experience. Acumatica does this in many ways, including through their CRM tool.

What is CRM?







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CRM stands for customer relationship management, which is software that helps businesses manage their interactions with current and potential customers. CRM software collects data from various customer touchpoints, such as the company website, social media, email, phone, orders, support, and live chat, and stores it in a centralized database. This allows authorized employees to access a complete view of each customer’s journey, from the first contact to the ongoing support.

Why Choose Acumatica’s CRM?

Acumatica’s CRM places customer contact, buying, and historical information at the fingertips of authorized employees, allowing them to provide informed and personal customer service. This is something today’s customers expect.

“We use the Acumatica Customer Management Suite religiously to track opportunities and leads, and what’s going on with a contact, and we love that Acumatica integrates well with the Microsoft Office suite because we are also strong users of Excel, Power BI, and Outlook.” – Patrick Madison, the CFO of Korpack

Moreover, Acumatica’s CRM helps businesses manage the customer lifecycle in one complete solution. The marketing team gathers and vets leads before passing them on to the sales team. The sales team turns the leads into opportunities, qualifying them and then submitting proposals. The customer support team then assists with requests and concerns once a customer is on board.

How Acumatica Drives Quality Customer Experiences

Acumatica ERP is in the business of putting customers first. Because of this, they understand what is needed to drive quality customer experiences. With integrated functionality within financial, distribution, customer management, manufacturing, field service management, and project accounting, Acumatica lets you manage all your business processes in one central system. By having this level of integration, you not only make other sections of your business succeed, but it also benefits the result being presented to your customer.

Their flexible solution is built for small and mid-sized businesses and is made to help customer experiences excel. Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing so by having a flexible solution that can track those changes and give you real-time data you can better serve your customers. Having a place for accurate data, insights can be concluded to provide a stellar customer experience that is effective and actionable. Such information—stored, organized, and updated in and by a single, comprehensive system—helps businesses evaluate their current customer service strategies and correct any missteps.

Acumatica ERP can help you provide a near-perfect customer experience, by giving you real-time, accurate, and actionable customer insights. Imagine a customer on the phone who is getting ready to put in a new request. At the tip of your fingertip, you can see up-to-date information including what they ordered, returned, what’s in stock, discounts, and even when their birthday is. With information like this, customers will feel they’re taken care of by your business. With all of this in mind, Acumatica is designed for a growing business. You can license only the modules you need now and add more when you are ready. This is fantastic for your customer experience as you can smoothly transition into Acumatica’s tools and pass the new knowledge and efficiencies learnt from Acumatica onto your customer’s experience.

“With Acumatica, one of the big changes is that we can now track a lead to a customer with all the associated notes along the way so we can capture that information. With better information and improved reporting, we’re expecting to see better sales results and improved customer retention.” – Scott McCalla, Chief Strategy Officer at International Pipe & Supply, LLC

Why Choose CAL for your Acumatica Integration?

We can connect Acumatica to virtually any other custom or industry-specific application you have. No more double entry, no more standalone systems.

We also have dedicated employees available for your needs. All our technical consultants & integration specialists are full-time CAL employees with an average of 8+ years with our company.  You can feel confident about building long-term relationships with our team.

If you want to learn more about how Acumatica can help you boost your customer experience and business success, contact us at CAL Business Solutions today to ask any questions or schedule a demo.

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