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Infographic: Fascinating Facts About The World’s 10 Largest Companies

The people leading the largest companies globally must be doing something right. And no doubt the rest of us can learn something from them. For example, stick with good ideas. Don’t be like Ronald Wayne who sold his Apple shares in 1976. He got $800. Today it would have been worth $75 Billion. Never forget […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Reasons I Believe Acumatica is The Best ERP Cloud System

What factors set Acumatica apart from the competition? Modern Technology Responsive Design No Additional Fee Per User Resource Level Pricing Deployment Choices Strong Core Technology Download your free ERP System Evaluation Checklist Ready to evaluate Acumatica? Contact CAL Business Solutions or 860-485-0910 x4. Acumatica Highlights By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and […]

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Find Data With a Google-Style Search Tool in Dynamics GP

How many times a day to you click on the SEARCH icon in Dynamics GP? It’s time for a change. There is a way to find information 83% faster and even search for the information you need in third party (add on) products. To save time, you can even use one of the 4,000+ pre-defined […]

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Infographic: Manage Supply Chain, Field to Fork with Microsoft Dynamics GP

It sounds a little hard to imagine that it might be possible to manage your food supply chain from field to fork without something complex and convoluted. If nothing else, it sounds horribly expensive, but Appolis’ WithoutWire Warehouse along with Myappsanywhere’s cloud-based implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM found a way to make it […]

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