Wouldn’t it be great to the able to tell the future? While no one has actually invented actual time travel, and we think that crystal balls, while cool, can be a bit suspect while predicting the future, there are some very interesting tools out there which can, with the right data, be able to tell you what your customers need before they ask you, avoid disruptions in your supply chain before they happen, and not be afraid of change (or change orders) as it happens.

Wouldn’t it also be great to have X-ray vision – you can just be in one place, take a look around and see everything – forget about the walls and barriers in between? While no one had invented goggles that can provide that yet – if you’ve got the data, the tools to give you visibility into what going on in every aspect of your business, are already here.

Enter Microsoft Dynamics, a tool which can let you both see into the present and the future for your supply chain.


Infographic: Five Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Dynamic

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