Businesses today need to be able to adapt quickly. Old ERP systems are not built with the type of flexibility in mind that is required in our modern, fast-moving business environment.

In the report “The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica” Forrester Consulting interviewed four Acumatica customers that came from different starting points. Some had legacy on-premises ERP solutions that had outlived their usefulness. Some organizations often ran numerous (or dozens in one case) of instances of various ERP solutions. Other organizations had no ERP solution at all and relied on a mixture of disparate solutions to run their businesses. Each of the interviewed customers recognized that they needed to overhaul their environment to drive growth and reduce costs.

This detailed study shows how these companies:

  • Increased their gross margins for gains of $1.3 million.
  • Reallocated 50% of IT time, saving $614,300.
  • Increased sales volume by 15%, boosting revenue by $471,700.
  • Eliminated legacy licensing costs for savings of $464,300.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency by 45% for a $309,600 savings in labor costs.

Download the full Forrester Research report

Infographic-The Total Economic Impact of Acumatica

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