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Dynamics GP Online

I Have Seen Dynamics GP Reinvented

I just had the opportunity to see Microsoft Dynamics GP…. Reinvented! It is called PowerGP Online. PowerGP Online is Dynamics GP Powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is the same base product, Microsoft Dynamics GP, which I have loved for years. But with customizations that make it even better. I believe it is Dynamics […]

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43 Questions You Must Ask Before Hosting Dynamics GP Online

We want to make the Dynamics GP Cloud experience as SIMPLE for you as possible. We have come up with 43 questions designed to cover everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision and compare “apples to apples” of various cloud software vendors and between different Dynamics GP data center offers.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Strategy and Roadmap Through 2016

Once you make an investment in a product you want to know the roadmap, the direction where it is headed. Microsoft Dynamics makes that information very clear. Check out the published “Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap” graphic and download the latest “Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Strategy Statement of Direction PDF”

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10 Questions to Determine the Cost of Moving Your Dynamics GP System to the Cloud

Are you ready to move to the cloud? Would you prefer to access your Dynamics GP system securely through the Internet and never have to worry about server and hardware issues again?

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