The people leading the largest companies globally must be doing something right. And no doubt the rest of us can learn something from them.

For example, stick with good ideas. Don’t be like Ronald Wayne who sold his Apple shares in 1976. He got $800. Today it would have been worth $75 Billion.

Never forget to have fun. Microsoft is worth $528 Billion. Somehow they still make time to celebrate employment anniversaries with sweets. A worker takes 1 pound of M&Ms for every year of employment and shares it with colleagues.

But don’t forget to be ruthless either. What do you do when you get insulted by a CEO? You buy up the company’s stock, take control of the business, and fire the person. That’s what Warren Buffet did in Berkshire Hathaway, a 178-year-old company.

Perhaps these tips by EP Capital will help you build an empire.

Fascinating Facts About The World’s 10 Largest Companies

INFOGRAPHIC: Fascinating Facts About The World’s 10 Largest Companies

Infographic by Extra Passport

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