Working with nonprofit agencies can be complex. There are regulations, approval processes, and intense reporting requirements.

The Russell Sage Foundation is over 100 years old, yet it runs both modern grants management and financial systems. The challenge was making those two systems talk to each other.

For several years the inability of the two systems to share data required a tremendous amount of double-entry, wasted paper, risk of error, and difficulty with reporting.

Often departments were using their own numbering sequences and terms for the same projects. It was difficult to look at information across departments and see how much money had been spent.

CAL Business Solutions helped this nonprofit foundation:

  • Create a custom integration and an important import/export process to connect Dynamics GP to the Grant Management system. This saves time and paper and reduces the risk of manual error. Plus, it cut a two-day process down to five minutes.
  • Use Analytical Accounting with Dynamics GP to give them the flexibility to improve and better utilize the existing Chart of Accounts. Now everyone is using the same terminology and data for all of the grants. They are sharing vocabulary, sharing information across departments, and are better able to report on data, which impacts the entire organization.
  • More easily create ad hoc or specialized reports, drill down to entry-level records, answer questions, and resolve any problems by using Management Reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Reduce the time needed for payment reconciliation and use the electronic audit trail of approvals in the grants management system.

The Senior Grants Operations Manager at Russell Sage said,CAL spent two days here on-site with us, really learning our processes, listening to all of our pain points, and figuring out how we could do what we wanted to do in Dynamics GP. They made a complex integration possible with a positive attitude.”

We invite you to read the full case study to get more details. Nonprofit Foundation Transforms Processes with Grant Management Integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our non-profit clients in Connecticut and Southern New England have given us experience in a variety of areas including healthcare (visiting nurse associates), education, volunteer organizations, and more.

If you are a Connecticut or New England Nonprofit organization, contact CAL Business Solutions to talk about how the right technology can transform your processes.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner,