One thing I notice in some of the SmartConnect maps that I’ve had to look at over the years is that in many cases, the user is expected to go into a map, change the path to an import file and then run the map. This means the Dynamics GP user needs way more permission than they should have, just to run a map.

I suggest using the “Folder Datasource” instead, even though you might only be importing a single file. Then, you never have to care about the name of the file, just that the user put it into the correct import folder. With that, you can use the RunMapConsole application directly and the user would only need permission to run the map.

This is especially useful if you have users that like to play around with things to make them work before calling for help. With SmartConnect, there’s a lot to break so the less you have users going into the administration console, the better off you will be when troubleshooting these maps.

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By Rob Amoroso, CAL Business Solutions,