How much time do you spend entering payroll data?

For one of our clients, VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice, payroll used to take at least 18 hours a week to manually enter 600 timesheets.

Now, thanks to Dynamics GP and integration built by the CAL Business Solutions team, it is down to only eight hours a week. That is ten hours a week this financial team can spend on other activities.

But it isn’t just time that they have saved.

This large non profit healthcare agency has a very complex way of calculating payroll based on variables such as type of visit, category, pay rate and quotas. This data is pulled from a separate revenue system that stores all of the nurses’ timecards, clinical notes and patient documentation.

CAL Business Solutions was able to build an application that pulls the raw data from the revenue system and applies logic to perform the complicated calculations to make sure everyone is getting paid the right amount.

And those calculations uncovered something very interesting.

During this process, CAL realized the company had been overpaying their employees for a specific exception for mileage and travel time. A rule was built into the payroll system that catches this error.

In seven months, the company already saved about $20,000.

In the past, this hardworking team was getting by and getting it done. But all that manual data entry was wasting time that could be better spent on other projects. And they just didn’t have the time to do the in depth analysis needed to catch that error.

By investing the time to update their system and automate their processes, the entire company has benefited. Read the full case study.

What is your payroll process? Can it be improved?

Payroll is now included, at no additional charge, for all Microsoft Dynamics GP users. Contact CAL Business Solutions today to discuss how you can get it up and running at your company. 860-485-0910×4 or

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner,

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