Being current on a Microsoft Dynamics service plan is critical to your success – it gives you access to new version rights, updates, support resources, e-learning and much more. All of these benefits combined help your organization maximize the value of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Many of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients are already paying for it, but aren’t using all the benefits!

There are three different plans, and the plan you are on determines the benefits that you have access to. Here are more details on what is included in each of the plan options:

Enhancement Plan
Advantage Plan Datasheet
Advantage Plus Plan Datasheet

6 Reasons to be current on a Dynamics Service Plan:

  1. A service plan will give you automatic software updates. You’ll get new software versions as they’re released; so you can take advantage of the hottest new features that will transform your software from great to exceptional.
  2. Keep staff fully trained in using your solution- Need help with installation? Stuck on an issue? Want to automate a manual procedure? Whatever your question, there’s a wealth of training information at your fingertips that’s designed to keep your staff performing at its best and to help them unlock your solution’s full potential.
  3. Keep your support costs, licensing costs, and training costs down- Don’t miss out on the ability to receive new version rights, tax updates for compliance, error corrections, hotfixes, and enhancements as soon as they were available… without additional costs. In terms of keeping costs down, you get those automatic updates which are a relief to your budget. THEN add the ability to get credit toward new Microsoft Dynamics solutions, to avoid price fluctuations and to more accurately predict your budget.
  4. Better budget predictability with a Protected List Price– Microsoft records the system list price at the time of purchase. Assuming you remain current on your service plan, this price becomes the “protected” list price that your future service plan renewals are based on.
  5. Protect your original investment credit with Transition Investment Credits– As your business grows, this benefit allows you to transition to a Dynamics solution that better fits with your company’s future goals.
  6. Reduce system downtime and save money and resources accessing CustomerSource online portal
    1. Quick issue resolution
    2. Guidance for unleashing new functionality
    3. Unlimited access to training courses
    4. Innovative productivity tools
    5. Self-guided downloadable help documents
    6. How-To Articles
    7. Access to industry experts and peers

How many of these benefits are you taking advantage of already? If you would like to discuss your Microsoft Dynamics GP service plan with us, contact us at

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,