12-questionsThe topic, how much does a Dynamics GP Upgrade cost is very popular. Ever since we posted our article giving an estimate of our Dynamics GP upgrade costs and tips to save money on Dynamics GP upgrades we have had quite a few companies calling to ask us for Dynamics GP upgrade quotes. Even if you are still evaluating Dynamics GP for a future purchase it is a good idea to budget the cost of upgrades and know what type of information you need to track.

Preparing a Dynamics GP Upgrade Quote
If you are one of our active existing CAL Business Solutions clients we already know quite a bit about your system. After we confirm a few details we can provide an upgrade quote. Read the post: When Should I Upgrade Microsoft Dynamics GP?

However, if we have not worked with you before, we will need to know quite a bit about your system before we can provide a quote. Typically this would require a paid 2 to 4 hour discovery project, depending on the complexity of your system. To expedite this process we can provide a “Dynamics GP Upgrade Questionnaire” in advance. The questionnaire covers these 12 areas:

1) What version of Dynamics GP are you using now?
Of course, the first step to know where you are going is to know where you are starting from. So we need to know your current version of Dynamics GP and how many versions forward you are now planning to jump. How to Find Which Version of Dynamics GP You Are Using

2) Do you have an active enhancement plan with Microsoft?
If you pay the annual maintenance plan fees to Microsoft you will receive the latest version upgrades for free. If you are not current you would need to pay a reinstatement fee plus maintenance fees. Microsoft Dynamics GP Maintenance Plan Fees

3) Which Dynamics GP modules are installed/in use?
When you buy Dynamics GP you have access to ALL the modules in the Starter Pack (plus anything else you purchase). But that does not mean you will use all of them. Almost every company uses the “core financials” modules of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. But are you using other modules such as Inventory, Fixed Assets, Multicurrency, Payroll, HR etc… Review all Microsoft Dynamics GP modules

4) Which version of SQL Server are you using, what are the specifications for the processor(s), operating system, RAM and disk space?
We need to confirm that your hardware is compatible with the new version of Dynamics GP and meets the minimum requirements. We do not sell hardware but we can recommend vendors. Or give you details about hosting Dynamics GP in the cloud if you are ready to outsource your infrastructure. Microsoft Dynamics GP Server Specs  All of these questions assume that you are running Dynamics GP on-premise on your own servers. However, you always have the choice to run Dynamics GP “in the cloud” by paying a monthly fee to have it hosted in a data center and accessed via an internet connection. Note: some monthly hosting fees include upgrade services, so be sure to check the details.

5) How many companies do you have set up in Dynamics GP?
You can run multiple companies in Dynamics GP. Obviously it will take less time to upgrade 1 company versus 10 companies.

6) How do you access Dynamics GP?

  • Do you have individual workstations running Dynamics GP?
    1. If so, how many?
    2. Do they meet the minimum hardware and software requirements? www.calszone.com/specs
  • Are you using Citrix Server or Terminal Server? If so, what version?

Even if you run Dynamics GP in-house you still have deployment options. You can deploy Dynamics GP on individual workstations or install it once on a central server and access it via an internet connection. Refer to page 19 of this white paper regarding the cost of Dynamics GP for details.

7) Have you had customizations done to Dynamics GP?
If you have done customizations to Dynamics GP that includes editing the source code, this will make the upgrade process more complicated. We will need to get as much detail about these customizations as you can provide.

8) Are you using any modified reports?
Any Dynamics GP standard report can be modified. For example, perhaps you modified the formatting of the core AP trial balance report or linked it to an additional database. We will want to make sure the modifications are compatible with the new version

9) Are you using any modified forms/screens?
If you have modified any forms/screens in the Dynamics GP user interface we will want to confirm these changes are moved to the new version.

10) Are you using any add-on/ISV/Third-Party Software?
If yes, which products? What version are you running and are you current on the maintenance plan from the software vendor?
Most Dynamics GP systems use add on tools to enhance the system in specific ways. Some are very small and some impact on your entire system. The major add on product vendors commit to having their products compatible with each new release of Dynamics GP and upgrades do not cause any issues. However, we will need to confirm that each add on product is compatible and ready for the Dynamics GP upgrade. Remember, add on products have their own annual maintenance fees that allow you to stay up to date with their releases.We list our favorite add on products for Dynamics GP on our CAL Marketplace. www.calszone.com/marketplace

11) Are you using FRX or Management Reporter?
FRx was recently discontinued and Management Reporter now comes free with Dynamics GP system. But if this tool is new to you we will want to include time for this in the upgrade process.

12) Will you allow CAL to create a test environment for pre-upgrade testing?
We strongly encourage every client to allow us to create a test environment. If this is not allowed for some reason it will increase the cost.

Keep in mind, the first time we do an upgrade on a system that another partner has originally installed, it will take more time. Which means it will be a higher cost than our usual estimates. This is because during the first upgrade we may have to troubleshoot issues or adjust the setup to meet our best practices. For example, we always save the forms dictionary in one central location. However, we have upgraded companies where the forms dictionary was saved on each individual workstation. This means we had to spend time looking for it and when the upgrade was done personal changes to each report had to sort out and standardized. Once we know your system, future upgrades will be shorter.

While you are looking for quotes do keep in mind that in order to do your Dynamics GP upgrade we would need to be your Partner of Record with Microsoft, which gives us access to your registration keys and other system information. It is always best to check with your current Partner of Record first and only seek outside opinions and quotes if you plan to make a switch.

If you are interested in a Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade contact CAL Business Solutions, sales@calszone.com or 860-485-0910 x4.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

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12 Questions To Determine the Cost of Your Dynamics GP Upgrade