In this video demo, you will see how we can submit an expense receipt on the road from a mobile device in Acumatica, including all the information the AP department needs to reimburse that expense. Then you will see how the AP department can view this submission and options for payment in Acumatica accounts payable.

Watch the video: Quick Look at Submitting an Expense Receipt from a Mobile Device in Acumatica Accounts Payable

Video Transcription:

“The last thing we want to show you here over in the payables module is an expense receipt that we’re going to remit using the mobile app. So Shawn’s going to bring up his mobile device. He’s going to mirror that here for us. And we’re going to go in and we are going to create an expense receipt, and we’re actually going to show you how we are going to take a picture of that receipt. So here he is, he just activated his camera, took a picture of the receipt.

When you do that, it actually starts the expense receipt transaction for you, where he’s going to add a description. He’s going to pick what type of expense item it was. This is what’s going to default the GL account for him, business travel. He’s going to put in any amount. $49.  He’s going to actually say if he paid it with his own personal credit card or cash, or if he used a corporate card, so you can actually specify the difference here. If it was personal or corporate, and the system will behave differently based on what you select. So if you say it was paid with your personal account, it’s going to create an AP bill, which you’ll see in a moment, where it’s going to propose that you pay this Maxwell Baker, who is entering this receipt, you’re going to pay him for the $49. If he used the corporate credit card, it would create that payable, but it would pay it with your corporate credit card so that you have a balance in your corporate credit card liability account.

So, we have our expense receipt created. We’re going to go over to the time and expense module. And we’re going to go pull up that receipt. Depending on what your approval process is, right here you can see our open receipt. Someone’s going to go ahead, they’re going to review that. You can see in the upper right-hand corner; you’ve got your file attached. This is the image of the receipt. So, people can review that, make sure the coding was all correct, and then once you’re good, you can go ahead up to your action menu and we can create a claim out of this.

So, you can have multiple receipts that are accumulating, and then you can create a one claim which will create one AP bill out of all of them if you choose to reimburse in that manner. So, here’s our claim, with just the one receipt. So, we’re going to go to actions and we’re going to submit that claim.  We have an approval process on here. So, that’s optional. We’re going to release this, and then this is going to create the AP bill over in our payable’s module for Maxwell Baker. Now under the financial details tab, you have a direct link to that bill that was just created.

So now you have an open AP bill sitting out here waiting to be paid to Maxwell Baker for that expense claim. So just wanted to give you an overview of how that works and how that flows into the AP module.”

This is a snippet from a detailed Acumatica overview. Watch the full video – Acumatica Lunch and Learn Part 2 – Acumatica Financials.

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