We all know that the goal of a new ERP system is to reduce double entry. When CAL Business Solutions started using Acumatica as our internal ERP system we realized there was an opportunity for us to reduce double entry on our employee expense payments with expense management and ACH in Acumatica.

In the past, we were paying employee expense reports as a two-step process. We were processing the expense sheet manually by rekeying the information into accounts payable in Dynamics GP. And then we were cutting a check to the employee through our payroll system. If we paid through payroll, we still had to do the journal entry in the accounting system.

Now, in Acumatica, we are able to utilize the Acumatica import/export scenarios in Expense Management to be able to pay our employees automatically instead of manually.

In Acumatica, the invoice information goes directly into accounts payable. Then the file goes to the bank that says, “Pay this employee X number of dollars for their expenses.” In other words, we are taking the expense report from the expense module directly into accounts payable, and we are using AP functionality to pay the employees through ACH in Acumatica. (ACH, Automated Clearing House, is a way to pay a bill electronically with a money transfer between bank accounts, without an actual paper check). It becomes a completely connected process with no manual double entry.

Our employees are reducing their manual entry too. Many systems allow you to upload a photo of a receipt into the expense report. However, Acumatica has introduced AI (artificial intelligence) so that the Acumatica system can actually “read” the receipt to automatically fill in much of the needed information from the paper receipt into the correct fields on the screen.

Click here to see a video demo of this in action.

Acumatica makes it easier for the person using the expense management solution to do less work. If you can do less work, then it makes sense to use that feature even if you are a relatively small company like CAL Business Solutions. We tested the process on our own business. So now we can recommend it with confidence as we believe every single one of our customers can benefit from this.

How can Acumatica help your business reduce entry?

If you are ready to evaluate a new ERP system with this type of functionality, let’s talk about Acumatica. It has helped our team, and it can help yours too. Contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or sales@calszone.com.

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

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