Helpful Dynamics GP TipsIn past versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, if you entered a single transaction in one of the sub-ledgers, not in a batch, and you posted it, it always went to the GL and then had to be posted through in a separate step. Functionality in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP  with Dynamics GP General Ledger eliminates that step.

For example, let’s say your boss comes to you and says, “Oh, can you quickly put in this AP invoice because we’re going to do a check run?” Now, you don’t have to make a batch. You just key in the AP invoice and hit Post. It posts through AP and it is available to pay by check. And it also posts through to the general ledger.

This saves time, especially at month-end. No need to research unposted batches anymore in the general ledger that came from sub-ledgers that need to be posted. Single transactions will be posting through automatically so the general ledger is always up to date when financial statements are run when Posting Through the Dynamics GP General Ledger

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By Stephanie Olbrych CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner,

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