21 Reasons Millenials Prefer Microsoft DynamicsIf you are a business owner, chances are that Millennials make up the majority of your employees. Having grown up in a technological world, Millennials are not only used to but expect to be connected digitally at their workplace.

How can you modernize your accounting system to fill this need? Here are 6 areas why Microsoft Dynamics ERP is preferred by Millennials, and then we will look at why you should choose CAL Business Solutions in helping you upgrade to a new ERP software system.

Productivity anywhere:

Modern employees want to work when and where they want. Microsoft Dynamics connects every worker by unifying data and functions so workers can stay productive anywhere with apps and instant access to information.

Integration and automation:

Employees get frustrated having to inefficiently switch from multiple platforms to gather information. Microsoft Dynamics solves this by bringing together financials, sales, service, and operations to create a unified platform for workers.

Data mastery:

In order for Millennials to have a firm foundation for making decisions, they need to have access to relevant and focused data. The Common Data Model underlying Microsoft Dynamics provides the foundation to centralize data and deliver consistent information across the organization.


Modern employees are used to being connected. They understand that collaboration makes a company stronger. Microsoft Dynamics supports strong teamwork by creating a unified platform across the organization.


Microsoft Dynamics is built with layered security, preventing the disclosure of sensitive information, something that workers and customers expect. This allows for work to be done with confidence anywhere.

The Future:

Building a centralized software system should be made with a long term view in mind. With Microsoft Dynamics’ leading cutting edge digital functions, employees and customers will know that their investment will be future proof.

Why CAL Business Solutions?

With the business market becoming more competitive than ever before, keeping up with the change of modern technology is essential for a successful business. CAL Business Solutions is well in tune with these changes and knows what steps should be taken in order to keep a company thriving.

It can be daunting to know where to start. At no commitment to you, in just one 45-60 minute conference call with George Mackiewicz, owner of CAL Business Solutions, you will be able to find out if Microsoft Dynamics is a good fit for you. In this Discovery Call not only will you receive a realistic budget and timeline, but you will be a more educated buyer so you can compare all options.

One client described us here at CAL Business Solutions as the “nuts and bolts guys.” We don’t wear fancy suits or close deals on the golf course. We are just a practical, hardworking team that has built our reputation by implementing the right software system to solve our customers’ issues at the right price.

Why should you call CAL Business Solutions to help you? In short, because our aim is to find what is best for your business, not what is best for our bottom dollar.

If you are curious how implementing Microsoft Dynamics could affect the future of your company, or would like to just see how CAL Business Solutions could benefit you, download the full eBook “21 Reasons Millennials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics” at www.calzone.com

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By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner, www.calzone.com

21 Reasons Millenials Prefer Microsoft Dynamics