While this question may seem obvious, it is surprising the number of distributors who are still taking orders without basic inventory information. Customers don’t appreciate being put on hold while the service rep calls the warehouse to see if a critical item is in stock.

The right answer

Order takers – whether they are in a call center or in the customer’s office – should have inventory information to provide answers and options. Complete inventory information, in-stock, available and on order, allows service reps to set expectations and build customer confidence.

As you evaluate business management systems, make sure that they can:

  • Show availability across multiple warehouses.
  • Give field sales reps access to the inventory information through mobile devices to close the deal on the first call.
  • Include inventory status of vendors in addition to in-house items.
  • Guide reps to suggest alternative products when items are not in stock.

As a fundamental building block for customer service, full visibility into inventory is a requirement for today’s distributor.

The bottom line

It is easier than ever before for customers to find alternate vendors. When you can provide accurate information to set expectations, they will have no reason to search. Having accurate, real-time inventory information at the tips of your fingertips is priceless.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer is YES.

Next steps:

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company evaluating accounting software, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you. sales@calszone.com 860-485-0910×4.