As orders, the lifeblood of your organization, flow through your business management systems, they should be visible and monitored from entry to delivery. Batch processing in most legacy systems doesn’t allow your team to handle exceptions proactively and answer customer inquiries quickly.

The right answer

Distributors on the leading edge are using rules-based workflow that ushers orders through the system to leverage inventory and supplier data. Dashboards that monitor how many orders are in the pipe and the value at each stage allow managers to plan ahead. Automating the order workflow supports:

  • Rules to automatically complete credit and margin checks.
  • Orders managed at the line item level to drive faster fulfillment like identifying out of stock items to drop ship from the vendor.
  • Dashboards that allow employees to monitor each order at every step and focus on exceptions.
  • Orders combined for more timely and cost effective shipping schedules.

Making it easy for employees and managers to monitor order status at every step of the fulfillment process will keep exceptions from falling through the cracks and creating unhappy customers.

The bottom line

As your organization grows, with higher order volume, more suppliers and more complex shipping requirements, you need to automate the flow of orders.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer is YES.

Next steps:

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company evaluating accounting software, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you. 860-485-0910×4.