When a customer calls to place an order, your sales rep should be able to access all the information needed to process the order in one application, better yet, one screen. Customers don’t appreciate being put on hold while they wait for the service rep to look up their discount terms or why there is a credit hold on the account.

The right answer

To stay one step ahead of your customer throughout order process and beyond, customer-facing employees should have a single application that provides:

  • Access to customer history, including quotations and notes.
  • Inventory availability and shipping times.
  • Line item pricing with associated margins and/or discounts.
  • Display and automated calculation of the volume and other variable discounts.

Ideally, since every person works a little differently, the screens of the application should be customizable to support efficient look-ups. The same screens that serve order entry may not be the best configuration for returns and service reps.

The bottom line

The bar for customer service has been permanently raised. Amazon.com and other online suppliers have changed expectations in our business lives, just as they did in our personal lives.

Your customers expect you to know them, to know their past orders and to know what you have in stock. Immediately, at your fingertips.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer is YES.

Next steps:

If you are a small or mid-sized distribution company evaluating accounting software, contact CAL Business Solutions to determine if Microsoft Dynamics GP is right for you. sales@calszone.com 860-485-0910×4.