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Learn The Lingo: Glossary for Fixed Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Fixed Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP is a powerful tool.  It is good to make sure everyone on your team is familiar with the lingo. In the official Fixed Asset Management Guide for Microsoft Dynamics GP you will find a glossary with the definitions for the following terms: Account ACRS (Accelerated Cost Recovery System) […]

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90 Fixed Asset Reports Available in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP users love reports. Did you know that there are 90 reports available, out of the box, for just the Fixed Asset Management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP? You can use Fixed Asset Management reports to review your asset activity and spot transaction errors. You also can use reports to gather required information for […]

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Eliminate Manual Entry in Dynamics GP Tip #4 – Stop Tracking Fixed Assets In Spreadsheets

How do you track your fixed assets? The Manual Way to Do This We find that many companies still track their fixed assets on an Excel spreadsheet. Or worse, they pay an outside consultant, such as an accounting firm, to track the assets for them. But this can be done right in Dynamics GP, in […]

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Fixed Assets – A Forgotten Dynamics GP Module You Already Own

Are you using Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP? If you use Dynamics GP 2013 or 2015 then you already own the Fixed Assets module. This tool can help you even if you only have a few assets to manage within your organization, and it is right there inside your Dynamics GP system. Depreciation Reports […]

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Do you know about Fixed Asset Year End Changes in Dynamics GP?

For people who have been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for many years, the year end closing procedure can become a standard routine. Not exactly something you look forward to, but at least something you feel comfortable with. But it is good to remember that each year there are at least a few things are new. […]

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