Dynamics GP users love reports. Did you know that there are 90 reports available, out of the box, for just the Fixed Asset Management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

You can use Fixed Asset Management reports to review your asset activity and spot transaction errors. You also can use reports to gather required information for financial, tax, and other regulatory reporting compliance.

The standard reports available in Fixed Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. Fixed Assets Account Group Setup
  2. Fixed Assets Book Setup
  3. Fixed Assets Book Class Setup
  4. Fixed Assets Insurance Setup
  5. Fixed Assets Class Setup
  6. Fixed Assets Company Setup
  7. Fixed Assets Lease Company Setup
  8. Fixed Assets Physical Location Setup
  9. Fixed Assets Purchasing Posting Accounts Setup
  10. Fixed Assets Quarter Setup
  11. Fixed Assets Retirement Setup
  12. Fixed Assets Structure Setup User Fields List Setup
  13. Annual Activity
  14. Annual Activity Cost
  15. Basis Report
  16. Detail Activity
  17. Mid-Quarter Applicability
  18. Fixed Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation – Detail
  19. Fixed Assets to General Ledger Reconciliation – Summary
  20. Book to Book Reconciliation
  21. Book to Book YTD Depreciation Comparison
  22. Depreciation Detail
  23. Depreciation Expense to General Ledger
  24. Depreciation Ledger
  25. Depreciation Ledger by Class
  26. Depreciation Ledger by Class – Summary
  27. Depreciation Ledger by Location
  28. Depreciation Ledger by Location – Summary
  29. Depreciation Ledger by Structure
  30. Depreciation Ledger by Structure – Summary
  31. Fixed Assets Inventory List
  32. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Class
  33. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Class –Summary
  34. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Location
  35. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Location -Summary
  36. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Structure
  37. Fixed Assets Inventory List by Structure – Summary
  38. Locator List
  39. Property Ledger
  40. Asset List by Master Asset ID
  41. Annual Depreciation Projection – Detail
  42. Annual Depreciation Projection – Summary
  43. Period Depreciation Projection – Detail
  44. Period Depreciation Projection – Summary
  45. Additions
  46. Additions (Multicurrency)
  47. Additions by Class Additions by Class – Summary
  48. Additions by Class (Multicurrency)
  49. Additions by Location
  50. Additions by Location – Summary
  51. Additions by Location (Multicurrency)
  52. Additions by Structure
  53. Additions by Structure – Summary
  54. Additions by Structure (Multicurrency)
  55. Retirements
  56. Retirements (Multicurrency)
  57. Retirements by Class
  58. Retirements by Class (Multicurrency)
  59. Retirements by Class – Summary
  60. Retirements by Location
  61. Retirements by Location – Summary
  62. Retirements by Location (Multicurrency)
  63. Retirements by Structure
  64. Retirements by Structure – Summary
  65. Retirements by Structure (Multicurrency) Transfers
  66. Financial Detail Summarize
  67. Fixed Assets Purge
  68. FA Posting to General Ledger
  69. FA Posting to General Ledger Reprint
  70. Physical Inventory Import
  71. Physical Inventory Update
  72. Misplaced Physical Inventory
  73. Missing Physical Inventory
  74. ACRS Tables
  75. Asset Account Reconciliation
  76. Asset Label Reconciliation
  77. Asset Delete Report
  78. Book ITC Reconciliation
  79. Fixed Assets Custodian Reconciliation
  80. Create Batch Headers
  81. Fixed Assets Migration Results
  82. Physical Inventory Info Import
  83. Asset Group Import
  84. Fixed Assets Note Update
  85. Error Log Listing
  86. Fixed Assets Installation Report
  87. Asset Inquiry
  88. Asset Book Inquiry Report
  89. Financial Detail Inquiry Report
  90. Fixed Assets Batch Inquiry Report

Plus you can always create your own custom reports!

For more information download the Fixed Asset Management Guide for Microsoft Dynamics GP. In the Reports section you will find details on:

  • Report destinations and formats
  • Processing reports on a process server
  • Creating report options
  • Printing a report with an option
  • Customizing a report
  • Fixed Asset Management Microsoft SQL® Server Reporting Services reports

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