Microsoft heard you loud and clear, with over 50+ votes on this feature it was something GP customers desperately needed. Now you can Format Workflow Emails With Item Decimals.

Prior to release 18.6, the notification emails from the Workflow feature would default to five decimal places.  This can be very confusing to managers approving this information, especially when approving through the workflow email itself.

This change applies to the following workflow types:

  • Sales Transaction Approval
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Receiving Transaction Approval

Example of the email prior to 18.6:

Format Workflow emails with item decimals

In the October 2023 release of Dynamics GP this same notification will look like below.

Notice how the Document Amount and Subtotal values are only displaying two decimals.

Format Workflow emails with item decimals 2

Thanks for voting this one up and showing how important it is to your business.   Enjoy this highly requested GP feature, Format Workflow Emails With Item Decimals.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP / 365 BC & Acumatica Partner,

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