Another great distribution addition that should save you some confusion with the system. There is a new set up option in the Requisition Setup window for the user to choose to set Unit of Measure.  A similar feature is available when creating a Purchase order from Sales Order, but this option did not exist for Purchasing module.

With the 18.6 release, when selected, we will use the U of M from the PO Requisition to create the line on the Purchase Order.

When this is not set correctly, the unit cost for the Item is changing during the receiving process which leads to an effect on the P/L.   The main problem this caused to customers was an example is I have created a Purchase Requisition with 20-CTN. The Vendor accepted to provide the goods in the same UOM. When we convert the UOFM changes to PKT.

This happens during Receiving’s as the Vendor may not invoice/receipt in the base UoM (think of cases of water – the vendor will send/invoice 1 case, not 24 bottles)

Set Unit of Measure from the PO Requisition to the Purchase Order

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