As we roll right into the 2023 year, Microsoft has a few straggling year-end issues they need to clean up. The Dynamics GP January Hotfix is important for customers to install based on the changes that are noted in the below areas.

There are NO table changes in this update, just fixes for the product.

Dictionary Version changes in this update: Core, Project, Human Resources, Encumbrance, Canadian Payroll and VAT.


If you use Web Services or Web Client with Dynamics GP and you are updating from a version prior to 18.5, October 2022 release, you need to also update each of these products.  
Blogs linked above to upgrade documentation specifically for those products.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (version 18.5.1635)

With the 18.5.1635 January Hotfix release the following items are resolved:

  • Project PTE Employee Expense Pending Approval Navigation List is not displaying Employee Expenses that are pending approval by approvers that are not a WF manager or delegate of the employee.
  • Project Accounting approved timesheets not moving out of Timesheet Entry when using Final Approval notifications and updating to the payroll batch.
  • The Human Resource Vacation Calendar Window stops at year 2020 on the drop-down list.
  • Sales Orders with a Transfer Hold lock up the SY00800 when multiple documents transferred from the Sales Order Transactions Nav List
  • Display issue only for the 1099-MISC for renumbered boxes – prints fine.

If you pay your employees with Canadian Payroll, it is recommended to install the January Hotfix for these tax item fixes:

  • Yukon, was not calculating properly with the 4th tax bracket
  • Federal claim off slightly when net income falls in between the 165,430 and 235,675 range
  • Quebec updated provincial tax calculations compared to online calculator.

If you do Payroll taxes and pay employees in the state of Arkansas, you will need the Round 2 Tax Tables and also the January Hotfix installed.

The Reject and Delegate emails not sent to originator or approvers, when using email links from Web Services.
You may notice when Modern Auth is enabled the process of recalling a completed workflow causes GP to loop and hang.
Modern Auth (MFA) & Workflow Attachments show on first step emails but not flowing to subsequent workflow step emails that follow ONLY Purchase Requisition, Payables Transaction or Purchase Order workflow
Workflow Approved Purchase Orders are being updated with an encumbrance status of 4 (Pre-Budget) if recalled/rejected and the PO is changed but kept under budget.

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If our Dynamics GP customers need assistance with installing this hotfix, please contact us to schedule a time with our consultants to complete this.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner,

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