In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, when you set to “post through” GL for Payables transaction level postings, if you did not print the GL posting journal it would only post to and not through to General Ledger. With the release of Dynamics GP 18.5 you do not need to print the GL posting journal for the payables transaction to post through General Ledger.

To enable this feature:
Choose Tools, select Setup and Posting, click Posting.
Select “Purchasing” as the series.
Select “Payables TRX entry as the source.
Mark the option “Post Through General Ledger Files” just under “Allow Transaction Posting”.

Transaction Level Posting

It is recommended to set “If Existing Batch:” to “Create New” if using this feature. If it is set to “Append” then the batch created GL side will always by PMTRX for transactions entered in the payable’s transaction entry window. Because of this, transaction level post through General Ledger could post additional transactions that are in that batch in General Ledger, or a previous interruption posting could stop the new transaction from posting through General Ledger.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner,

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