As we start to roll into year end and 1099 time, it is important to be able to inactivate a Vendor Address record. Address codes can be used for payments, shipping, 1099 forms, and other. Sending documents to the wrong address can be detrimental. Having the ability to inactivate a vendor address provides benefits to the payables area.

The goal for this functionality is to allow the user to inactivate Address ID’s and receive a warning when using the Address ID but allow them to continue with the process.

If a vendor address is inactive and the user tries to use it, a warning will be given that the record is inactive, the user can choose to continue with that Address ID, see example below.

Screenshot - Inactivate Vendor Address Record

Example of a visual indication on the window for the user.

This feature did require a table change to the PM00300 table, new column INACTIVE

Enjoy this highly requested GP feature.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP & Acumatica Partner,

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