Workflow Approval Count is a Systems/Workflow feature added to Microsoft Dynamics GP in the October 2021 release.

Previously, in the Workflow Step setup for Microsoft Dynamics GP, for the ‘Completion Policy’ options, we only had three options:
–Only one response needed
–Majority must approve
–All must approve
Now, we have a fourth option available: ‘Number of approvers’ where we can specify the exact number of the total specified approvers, we require to approve the workflow at that step, before it moves past that step with a ‘completed’ status for that step.
Workflow Approval Count

In this example, if we have four approvers setup on this workflow step, by using the ‘Number of approvers’ option and setting it to ‘2’, only two of the approvers would need to take action on the workflow for this step, before the workflow would move forward in the process.

This enables the requirement to have more than one approver, but not have to have more than 50% approver response nor all approvers respond.

The number field next to ‘Number of approvers’ defaults with 1.

When an assigned to individual responds to the workflow step, the system will look at the number required and the number that have already responded. If it equals or is greater than the completion policy number assigned, the step will be ‘completed’ and the workflow process will continue.

NOTE: If the number entered is more than the number of approvers, the workflow step will stay in limbo because the number of approvers isn’t met. At this point, the workflow manager could reject it, the originator could recall it, or that type of action would need to be taken to the workflow.

Any open workflows that exist prior to the upgrade, will continue to use the assigned completion policy option, regardless of this new option being added.

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