Workflow Maintenance Remove Carbon Copy is a Systems/Workflow feature added to Microsoft Dynamics GP in the October 2021 release.

Along with the option to send emails to the originator/submitter of a workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you could also add ‘carbon copy’ users as well, to receive those emails, such as when a workflow was submitted, approved, rejected, delegated or final approved among others.

In the Workflow Email Notification Maintenance window (Administration > Setup > Company > Workflow > Workflow Maintenance, click the lookup arrow next to ‘Send notifications for completed actions’) we can also add and remove ‘carbon copy’ user accounts to receive the emails, along with the originator/submitter of the workflow.

Here’s an example of adding ‘carbon copy’ users to receive the Completion emails for Workflow:

Workflow Maintenance Remove Carbon Copy-1

Here’s the same window after removing a ‘carbon copy’ user account from receiving the emails.

Workflow Maintenance Remove Carbon Copy-2

This feature comes in handy when you have executives or managers that want to be copied on workflow emails, whether those approved, final approved, submitted and/or others, but also if there are changes on those people wanting the emails or not, as well as when users come and go from the company.

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