Just because a company lists a product on their website does not mean they experts at it or the right fit for your company.

CAL Business Solutions has been working with Cavallo (fka SalesPad) since 2007, and it is a core part of our business. We have “fixed” many poorly implemented systems done by Partners who are great with Microsoft Dynamics GP but not so good with Cavallo.

Here are a few questions you should ask, and the answers CAL Business Solutions would give you, when evaluating a Partner for Cavallo with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

1) How much experience do you have with Cavallo?

CAL Business Solutions was one of the early adopters of SalesPad (now Cavallo) in 2007 when SalesPad first came on the market. We have done more than 70 implementations for a variety of companies. We can truly say, when it comes to SalesPad, we’ve seen it all.

2) How many implementations have you done on your own?

Many Microsoft Dynamics GP Partners rely on the vendor, Cavallo, to do the implementation for their clients. This creates a disconnect as the team at Cavallo cannot know your Dynamics GP environment too. CAL has done every single one of our Cavallo implementations on our own. We have our own internal team focused on Cavallo. Read our Cavallo customer success stories.

3) Have you worked with all the Cavallo modules or just the core Cavallo SalesPad Desktop functionality?

Cavallo SalesPad Desktop is the core product. At CAL, we have worked with all the functionality available for Cavallo. Our development team is continually finding new and creative ways to work with the system to solve customer requests. Once you buy the core product, you want the right advice on how to use all the features available.

4) Have you worked with all versions of Cavallo and Microsoft Dynamics GP? Including the latest versions?

You want a Partner that knows what is included and what you can do with your current version, as well as what has been introduced recently. This will save you money on customizations or add-ons you may not need. We have a team at CAL Business Solutions that is always working on Cavallo and keeping up to date. It is not something we just do “once in a while” for a specific customer.

5) Have you done Cavallo upgrades?

When you upgrade Cavallo, there are certain precautions you need to take and things to check. And you need a thorough understanding of how Cavallo is connected to your Dynamics GP system.

6) Have you fixed any failed Cavallo implementations?

It is one thing to support a system when everything is going well, and it is quite another set of skills to fix a system that doesn’t work. CAL has done this many times when other companies have done the setup incorrectly, or the system was not maintained. The experience we have gotten from troubleshooting is invaluable.

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If you are using Cavallo with Microsoft Dynamics GP and would like to discuss ways to use your system more efficiently, CAL Business Solutions can help. We are happy to answer all of these questions and more.

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