Of course, Cavallo SalesPad has a strong focus on distribution. After all, it is “for distributors, by distributors.” CAL has installed SalesPad for Dynamics GP at more than seventy companies, and most of them are distribution companies.

However, some people don’t realize that Cavallo SalesPad can also be an excellent option for Microsoft Dynamics GP users in other industries. While Cavallo is especially helpful with inventory, it has significant value for anyone recording sales documents.  The alternative being purely AR with no line item detail.

Recurring Billing

We have two customers in the professional services industry that each highly leverage Cavallo SalesPad for Recurring Sales. Recurring Sales is a function of SalesPad Desktop. Think of it kind of like subscription billing. It generates duplicate invoices on a scheduled basis, in the same way, you would be billed for a magazine subscription. One client uses it for insurance, the other for digital license fees.

Cavallo offers flexible options for the recurring schedule. An invoice every x days, weeks, months. On a set day of the month: first day, last day, 15th, etc. And how long does the contract/schedule run; x number of months, until x number of documents have been generated, or endlessly until a user closes the schedule.

The application of scripting to set/update default values (perhaps to print the applicable billing period) and workflow (automatically print/email documents to customers or warn customer service that the contract is ending) and many other options; all together make for a complete and well rounded billing solution.

Newer functionality with AutomationAgent will even allow you to generate the new documents automatically, further accelerating the billing process.

Another client works for condo associations, and they use SalesPad for recurring billing to send out monthly invoices for fees.

Order Configurator

Another ability that you have in SalesPad is the “order configurator.”  For example, if you are ordering a car and you choose the all-wheel drive option, then you can choose the 20-inch wheels based on that choice. You can give customers the ability to mix and match to configure their orders.

Another scenario for an order configurator could be an IT services company that configures the type of services they will provide to a client, then sets up reoccurring billing for the monthly invoice. SalesPad would be a perfect fit.

Cavallo SalesPad

Microsoft Dynamics GP does not have the functionality to allow for recurring billing or order configuration. You can use an add-on product specifically for this one feature. Or you can buy a standard SalesPad Desktop license and get all this Cavallo functionality and so much more.

CAL Business Solutions can help you to use SalesPad with your Microsoft Dynamics GP system, whether you are a distribution company or not.

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