Fifty Five and Five compiles a list of the “Top 50 Microsoft Partners” worldwide based on the quality of their content marketing across web, blog, and social channels. Despite the heavy competition, we are pleased to announce that this year CAL Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, has made the list!

Top 50 Microsoft Partners in the World View the list:

Why This Report is Compiled

We are living through a period of digital change like the world has never seen. The biggest challenge for partners is staying ahead of the change and making sure customers understand what they’re offering.

For several years now, Fifty Five and Five has been surveying tens of thousands of Microsoft partners and publishing their findings. Through this detailed report, they are able to show which partner’s marketing strategies are cutting through the noise and allowing them to drive growth and stand out above competitors.

While this was previously an annual list, now it is a dynamic website, updated every week.

Ranking Parameters

Fifty Five and Five uses an advanced tool to give the most unbiased and reliable ranking possible. It ranks over 40 metrics based on a company’s:

  • Blogging – including frequency, clarity, quality
  • Website – including speed, structure, SEO
  • Social – including reach, output, engagement

After the testing is completed, the company is given a score out of 100 in four separate areas:

  • Content– How well is their content written across all channels? How easy is it to understand and consume?
  • Engagement– How engaging are their channels? How shared are they on social media, and how often are they commented, and liked?
  • SEO– How effective is their SEO strategy on their website and blog?
  • Technology– Are their website and blog technically sound? Quick to load and free from errors? 

These individual scores are combined to give each company an overall score.

How has CAL Business Solutions ranked?

Notice CAL’s successful scores in the four categories:

  • Content- 81.3
  • Engagement7
  • SEO6
  • Technology 15

CAL’s overall score- 59.2/100

This overall score landed CAL Business Solutions at number 50 when the report was first released, and now we are at number 45 as the list is refreshed weekly.

Chris Wright, Founder of Fifty Five and Five, had this to say:

The fact that CAL Business Solutions’ URL is “” indicates the humor and human side of this business technology organization—something that can get lost in the world of B2B technology. They balance this well with an informative homepage that covers the solutions they provide, answers to vital questions and their extensive industry experience. The team should be very proud of their position in our top 50.”

As the B2B technology market becomes increasingly competitive, to be among the top 50 Microsoft partners in the world is a testament to the skill and expertise CAL has developed and demonstrated. Moving up 80 spots from #130 last year to #50 this year, CAL is clearly showing their commitment to being a strong Microsoft partner.

Fifty Five and Five’s report continues to be a great resource for showing trends and success within the Microsoft Partner community. We are so proud of our hard-working team here at CAL Business Solutions and we look forward to the milestones we can achieve in the years to come!

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By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,