Acumatica has powerful ways to view your data. In this video, we look at filtering and viewing data in pivot tables in Acumatica.

Watch the video: Quick Look at Pivot Tables in Acumatica 

Video Transcription:

“The next thing I’d like to show is the pivot table that we talked about as well at the first dashboard that we saw. In this one, I was able to actually make a pivot table of the data that’s referenced on this generic inquiry. I’m just going to click this filter here. And what it’s doing is taking all my data based on my filters. My filter that I have here is that it’s equal to new or open. Just like Excel, it gives me all my different data and allows me to say how I want to see it, my rows, my columns, my values. If you’re looking at your values, it gives you a couple different ways. Right now I’m just looking at it as a number, but I can see it as a grand total percentage or different percentages of the row.

I can sort it in different ways. I actually put a label on this one. If it is empty, then it’s called unassigned rather than empty. I can have a different label and I’m also collapsing everything, so it’s not the full expansion of all the status as soon as I open it. Going back to the screen itself, you can see here I have, let’s say “Acme Brick”. I can expand that and my contacts. One is assigned to Joe here and the other one is not assigned, and it shows me the stage it is in and the value that’s associated to that. Now if I collapse that again and I want to take a look at a cell and say, “Well for these stage prospect that’s unassigned, let me see what those are.” When I click this, it’s actually going to be dynamic enough to drill me down to what makes that information. Then if I go back, I can click on other information. It’s going to take me down and do different things with that data.”

This is a snippet from a detailed Acumatica overview. Watch the full video – Acumatica Lunch and Learn Part 1 – Acumatica Overview.

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