The Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 service pack was released in October 2020. Here is a sneak peek at some of the enhancements you can expect:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 Service Pack Enhancements

Financial Enhancements:

  • Additional user-defined fields in General Ledger Transaction Entry
  • Import Credit Card Transactions
  • Automate Financial Full Reconcile
  • Form 1099 NEC now supported
  • 1099 MISC Form Updates
  • DBA for Vendor
  • Removed fully applied Multicurrency documents from PM HATB
  • Copy/Past purchasing transactions from Excel

Distribution Enhancements

  • Export/Import stock counts to Excel
  • Print all Sales Documents

Human Resources/Payroll Enhancements

  • Human Resource Social Security Number mask

System Enhancements

  • Schedule Check Links
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • TLS 1.2
  • Save per-use column layouts on the Home page
  • Disable print dialog when printing to word
  • Enable Self Service user type access to User Preference
  • Bulk-edit SmartList Columns

Top Feature Requests

  • Maximum print output screen
  • Match Excel copy and paste decimal places to Currency Setup

Next Steps

Which of these features do you look forward to? For assistance in deploying the Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.3 service pack, contact CAL Business Solutions. or 860-485-0910.

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