For any professional services company, getting quick, complete access to information about the customer you are working on is extremely important.  Since we now use Acumatica Cloud ERP internally to manage our own business, we customized our customer dashboard to show us the information that helps our ERP consultants do their jobs better.

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Typically, ERP systems will have a customer dashboard that focuses on general customer information. For example, if they owe money, if there has been a recent sale or if there is a pending opportunity.  We used the power of Generic Inquiries in Acumatica to go beyond the basics and bring in even more information into a single screen.

CAL Business Solutions is an ERP implementation partner. So we wanted to be able to see:

  • Current development projects being done for a customer
  • Past five development projects
  • Last two version upgrades with a completion date
  • Open support cases

All of this information was being tracked in Acumatica CRM. Since this is fully integrated with Acumatica ERP functions, we could pull the information into a single dashboard.

We also wanted to see:

  • Credit holds ALERTS
  • Open invoices with drill-down
  • Payment history for the last 12 months

Acumatica tracks the activities of all customers. If we make a phone call to a customer, this is tracked. When we send an invoice, that is recorded as an activity. On our dashboard, we also can see:

  • Latest seven activities for the client. (Calls, emails, and chats are tracked.)

We use the attribute feature in Acumatica on our customer record to store some additional information. Such as:

  • Industry type
  • Annual enhancement status
  • Current software versions

We are also integrated into the MaxQ contract module, which literally identifies every third-party product that the customer uses. So our dashboard also shows:

  • Add-on products installed with a renewal expiration date.

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To look up all of this information on individual screens would take anywhere between five to ten minutes of extra time per inquiry. This dashboard helps us to serve our customers faster and function better as a team. Even if the original consultant who works with a client is unavailable, another team member can jump in and quickly get an overview.

By customizing the customer dashboard in Acumatica, our team has the information we need instantly, on one screen, to get a complete view of the customer at all times.

The more we learn about how to customize Acumatica for our own team, the more suggestions that we can give to our customers

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