“CAL has proven to be a true business partner as opposed to just a vendor…. I would recommend CAL Business Solutions without hesitation.” Who said this and why are they so convinced that CAL Business Solutions is worthy of recommending?

Bryan Mullen is the SVP of Shared Services at Lifeway Mobility, a rapidly growing accessibility solution provider. He is also the individual quoted above. With an increase in business operations, Lifeway Mobility was in desperate need for a centralized system that could be rolled out easily to new branches and had the ability to consolidate data efficiently.  They chose CAL Business Solutions to implement their new Acumatica Cloud ERP system. What benefits have they experienced from making that decision?

Here are six points taken from the case study Acumatica Helps Company Rapidly Accelerate Growth With One Connected System in the Cloud:

  1. Streamlined Acquisition Process

    Acumatica allows for seamless acquisition and growth. “In the past, we would make an acquisition, and it would be an island. Now, with Acumatica, even at the time we close a deal, we can slide our toolbox across the table to give them the systems, the support, the structure.”

  2. Rapid Deployment Model

    “With time being money, a rapid implementation of an ERP system is vital. CAL Business Solutions was able to deploy Acumatica into Lifeway Mobility’s multiple offices in a matter of just a few months.”

  3. Visibility to Real-Time Data

    Acumatica allows business executives to constantly be up to date on how the company is functioning, and how the numbers are looking. There is no longer a waiting period to find out how the company is performing in certain areas. “Acumatica provides us visibility to data in real-time that allows us to change our operating models on the fly.”

  4. Zero IT Infrastructure

    This Cloud-based system allows for zero IT infrastructure, allowing each branch to focus on a customer-first experience. “They’re no longer worried about their accounts payable, HR, or IT. All of that goes away and becomes a shared service that we are able to implement.”

  5. Smooth Implementation

    System implementations vary in cost and complexity, but the implementation of Acumatica stands out above the rest. Bryan relates, “I have overseen countless system implementations…..I cannot remember a single one that was implemented as smoothly as Acumatica with CAL Business Solutions.”

  6. True Business Partner

    As seen from the quote at the outset of this article, CAL Business Solutions has proven themselves to be a true business partner, not just a vendor. They go above and beyond, truly implementing a customer-first mentality and gaining strong, valuable business partners.

It can be clearly seen why Lifeway Mobility strongly recommends CAL Business Solutions for their business ERP needs. For a more detailed look at Lifeway Mobility and their review of CAL Business Solutions, read the full client success story at www.calszone.com/lifeway

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By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calzone.com