Did you know that when you first purchase Dynamics GP you receive six (6) support incidents directly from Microsoft with your Advantage Plan? And if you continue to renew annually at that plan level, you receive 6 additional incidents each year. We have found that many of our clients do not take advantage of the included support they have already paid for as part of their plan.

Every customer who purchases Dynamics GP software is required to purchase the Advantage Plan for the first year. But many customers do not realize that when their annual renewal comes up, there are two other plan options that may better suit their needs.

Every year when CAL sends out your Annual Renewal Form, we include information about your current plan and the other two options you can review and select.

There are 3 different Microsoft annual maintenance plans, the Enhancement Plan, Advantage Plan (required 1st year) and the Advantage Plus Plan. Your service plan  cost is based on your Protected List Price (PLP), the total cost of Dynamics GP software you own. All of these plans have tremendous benefits, the only difference between them is the Microsoft Support included.

  1. Enhancement Plan (16 % of PLP)- NO support incidents from Microsoft included
  2. Advantage Plan (18% of PLP)- six (6) support incidents from Microsoft included w/3 hour response time
  3. Advantage Plus Plan (25% of PLP)– Unlimited support incidents from Microsoft included w/ severity based response time

Service Plan Comparison Chart

A majority of CAL clients choose the Enhancement Plan, as they prefer to use CAL for all of their ongoing support versus Microsoft.

However, if you do pay for the support incidents from Microsoft, we at least want you to be aware that you can use them.

If you do use them it is important to note that CAL is in no way involved with any requests to Microsoft for support.  You would submit your support requests via CustomerSource. CustomerSource is Microsoft’s user portal that you have access to with your service plan.

Not familiar with CustomerSource? Learn More

As a best practice, if you use Microsoft support you should let your support team at CAL Business Solutions know the details if it will impact our future efforts to provide support. It is always helpful for us to have a complete picture.

If you are not sure what Microsoft Service Plan you currently are on, contact sales@calszone.com. We can review your plan with you and set up any additional users for CustomerSource so you can get the most out of your investment.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP and Acumatica Partner, www.calszone.com